Posted on: November 24, 2011 6:07 pm

What if....? BCS chaos ..likely


If Arkansas beats LSU, and Georgia beats Arkansas, I don't believe the voters will allow an Alabama-LSU rematch. How fair would it be for LSU to have to beat Alabama twice JUST TO WIN THE TITLE. LSU would win the 1st and lose the 2nd yet Alabama would get the title? Remember, the coaches poll must declare the THE WINNER OF THE TITLE GAME THE CHAMPION. However, the AP poll does not have to crown the winner of that game the champion. Hence, a split Championship is a high possibility. You gotta love the crazy things that can happen on any give Saturday. The computer rankings is footballs version of the RPI. It is who you defeat and who your opponents defeat, not necessarily who you lose too. That is why you have 8 Big 12 teams vs 5 for the SEC ranked in the Top 20 Sagarin ratings (BCS rankings-uses the ELO Chess). A 9th team from The Big 12, Texas Tech, has lost every game since the OU win, yet they are still ranked #30. All of this should make an exciting finish to "The Greatness that is College Football." For the record, I do like Arkansas to beat LSU tomorrow, Notre Dame to beat Stanford, Tulsa to beat Houston, Alabama over Auburn, and Oklahoma to beat the OSU cowboys next weekend.
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BCS Championship -Who will finish 1 and 2

Going into this weekend most "experts" did not mention Oklahoma in the BCS title game. Oklahoma st. and Stanford were the most talked about teams. I said then, and I will say it again. Assuming every team but LSU, (although they could lose to Arkansas)  finishes the season with one loss, it will be Oklahoma and LSU playing for the title. The "magic number' for Oklahoma to clinch is 90% in the both polls. Why 90? Because in the computer rankings, they will finish 2nd, which equates to a 96 ranking. The team ranked 1st gets a 100. 2nd-96, 3rd-92 etc; If you look at the Sagrain ratings, ELO chess, they best accurately predict the outcome of BCS computer ratings.When LSU beat Alabama they jumped from 3rd- 95.9 to a 1st-109, Alabama went from a 96 to 100 in the loss and dropped to 3rd. Coming into the weekend, the teams SOS was OSU(4), OU (7) LSU (8) Alabama (20), , Stanford (73), and Org (36).  Oklahoma has the most difficult SOS (13) remaining, Baylor(9), OSU(2), Iowa st.(28). Only OSU and OU have 6 wins vs the Top 30, and are 2-0 vs the top 10. OU wins in Stillwater, they will be 3-0 vs the Top 10, with each win coming on the road and the Sooners will be 9-0 vs the Top 30. Oklahoma will be ranked 2nd in the computer rankings and will only need to be a 90% in the coaches and Harris polls. If Alabama finishes 4th (88) in the computers rankings and finishes 2nd in each poll with a 92, then Alabama finishes with a (272) 90.3 average. Oklahoma will finish with a (96) in computer rankings, if they finish 3rd in the polls with a 90, Oklahoma's total is 276 or a 92 average. LSU, even if they lose to Arkansas, will play the winner of the OU-OSU game.

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Top ranked Oklahoma Sooners vist #5 Florida st

Can't see the Florida st defense slowing down the Oklahoma offense at all. The Alabama defense may be the best in the country right now, but the Oklahoma defense is the fastest and will only improve as the year goes on. On the offensive side of the ball, Oklahoma will roll again. Turnovers are the only way Florida st has a chance. Florida st will blitz Landry a lot. Landry tends to throw left and to all-american wr- Ryan Broyles, more often than not. Let's not forget wr-Kenny Stills is back today. The problem teams have matching up with Oklahoma is which player are you going to leave on an island. They eat up man to man press coverage. Oklahoma will create mismatches with their WR's and RB's. Last year, it was cb-reid who was eaten alive. Reid is too small to guard the Oklahoma WR's. (also look for the rb coming out of the backfield on wheel routes) Although it will be a little closer this time around, I expect to see the same results as last year.. Oklahoma 38 Florida st 23
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The first week has come and gone with a few surprises. Lawton Mac teammates J. Harris and D, Whaley had some memorable moments. Whaley looked great!! Looked like a young Chris Johnson to me. First, he runs extremely hard, always leaning forward after contact.. and did I mention his "burstability". 0-90 mph within in seconds..All of this from a guy who was 2nd on the depth chart at RB, for Lawton Mac (behind s-harris, so he played wr) and Langston!!!  I can't imagine either scenario where his pure talent would not have won out. All of the Rb for oklahoma looked good, especially the WALK-ON, from Lawton,Oklahoma. Offense and defense were both pretty vanilla with the seminoles on deck next weekend. The defense extremely fast. The OU DE's should dominate this year..Big Frank and The Hammer will be playing Sundays next year. If the DT play up to par, OU will be in the title game. OU could isolate the blue collar LB or S every single play. #11 and #1 for Tulsa were so overmatched is was empathy of OU not to go 5 wide or 4 wide with RB motioning out of the backfield to create huge one on one mismatches. USF was my lock of the week last week to win in South Bend. FIU is another team to watch this year. Expect them to cover every week but one this year. This week BYU is the dog of the week plus 6 at Texas. My other best bets are Mississippi st, Alabama, SD st and the Houston Cougars at the new home of the mean green UNT. Good luckand good winnings
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